What started as a time killing shoot based on themes of Mary Poppins and Hansel & Gretel ended up with a visit from a couple cop cars, with cops no less, and a work completely unintended. Voluntary Possession would later evolve into a song and accompanying artwork. 
This was the initial shot planned. A screwball take on the concept of Hansel & Gretel. It was the acquisition of an umbrella when heading outside that led to the inclusion of Mary Poppins.

Some packing material served as the clouds Ms. Poppins flies through. The "Spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down." tied in nicely to the fix Hansel and Gretel were searching for. Their roles reprised by Stewie Griffin and a pink inflatable Panda head.

With the shoot taking place next to a derelict stove nearby alley; it proved to be the perfect recipe to attract the attention of local law enforcement. "
What are you guys doing?"
"Well, officer, you see..."
"Why would you want to do that?" and so on.

After they left I took a few snaps unrelated to the initial concept. Those led to Voluntary Possession.

"Hold it right there!" A favourite line of both law enforcement and photographers.
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